Gorgeous, Garrison Summer Wedding!

I love Weddings. I just love them. I’ve always been a sentimental person, but after I had kids, forget about it! Let’s just say it’s very hard not to cry along with everyone else during the vows, first dances or speeches when you’re working a Wedding. I always end up shedding a few tears by the end of the night each and every time, because how can you not? Watching 2 incredible people, couples that you also consider friends committing their lives to one another. It’s amazing.

I love Weddings. They’re centered around love. It’s not only the love shared between the couple, but the love you see on their friends and families faces when they’re saying their I Do’s or having their first dance as a married couple. The beauty of Wedding photographs is that you get to relive each of these moments, and as the happy couple, get to see the things you weren’t able to see when you were in your Wedding day bubble.

I love Weddings. I love that every little detail is so carefully crafted to create the perfect day. Each detail is so unique to the couple, and it’s truly a labor of love. You can see the care put into it. It’s so fun documenting all of those little details. I always say, “it’s in the details,” and it truly is.

I love Weddings. And this Wedding was no exception. Not only do I adore this couple, but I’ve known the Groom and much of the Bridal Party since they were kids. It was really special to watch him get married and to such a lovely and amazing Bride.

Their Bridal Party was a blast, their Family and Friends were loving, supportive and truly elated to be a part of such a special day, and I felt honored to capture it all.

Here is a glimpse into Bobby & Brittany’s Big Day!

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