Gorgeous West Point/Garrison, Summer Wedding!

This stunning couple tied the knot on a perfect, Summer day in August. They are both so gorgeous, and their connection is an awesome thing to witness. I felt incredibly honored and elated to be a part of their big day.

Here are some sneak peeks from this fabulous Summer Wedding!

image01 image08 image17 image23image24 image28 image32image45image48 image49 image56image61image74 image78 image79image87image103 image106image121 image122image131image133 image137 image144image151image157 image164 image176image180image184image209image215


image269 image271image282image317    image324 image329

image342 image343 image344 image362 image365image366 image377image400 image411image421 image422

image499image501image513  image521image539image551image553 image554image565image571image573 image620 image621image633image658image661 image662image674 image675image698image706image711image715

If you’re interested in Erin Frances Photography capturing your big day, email me at info@erinfrances-photography.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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